With Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Own Your Access to Education On Cannabis Cultivation

Grow Gods Club Vision

  • Recapture the journey of cultivators from inception to completion
  • Create a foundation of knowledge
  • Create a community around proper cannabis cultivation practices
  • Educate individuals on all phases of cultivation
  • Build a foundation for a metaverse cultivation community
  • Create new cultivators through perk giveaways including grow kits, strain development, and access to our grow library

GrowGodsClub Roadmap

Phase I

Pre Minting 300 NFTs*

  • Grow God: 1
  • Gorilla Grower: 5
  • Master Grower: 30
  • Expert Grower: 84
  • Tent Grower: 180

Phase II

Minting 10,000 NFTs*

  • 5 tiers of rarity
  • Membership channel for all holders with private access to cultivators
  • Special Discounts

Phase III

Development of Perks & Companion NFTs

  • Prepare & ship merch packages
  • Physical art sent to holders
  • Perks now redeemable

Phase IV

Grow Gods Club Strain Released

  • 2,000 NFTs added by new growers
  • Events for Master Grower and Grow God tier holders
  • Collaborative unique strain

Phase V

Grow Gods Club Metaverse Grow

  • GGC Metaverse
  • Create experimental cultivation community
  • Acquire land co-owned by community


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Video Guides

What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

How to Install Metamask Wallet

How to fund your Metamask Wallet?

GrowGodsClub NFT Tiers

Tent Grower

Tent Grower Tier Benefits

  • T-shirt
  • 3 pack seed starter pack
  • Special Access to Basic grow videos
  • 1 Companion NFT (Mint)

Expert Grower

Expert Grower Tier Benefits

  • Merch Package
  • 3 pack seed starter pack
  • Intermediate grow videos
  • 1 Companion NFT (Mint)

Master Grower

Master Grower Tier Benefits

  • Merch Package
  • 3 pack seed starter pack
  • Grow set-up and at home cultivation guide
  • Intermediate grow videos
  • 1 Companion NFT release (Mint)

Gorilla Grower

Gorilla Grower Tier Benefits

  • Tour for 5 people at Cultivator facility
  • Sample
  • Merch Package
  • Access to 5 hours of grow consulting
  • 5 pack of seeds starter kit (unique genetics)
  • Grow set-up and at home cultivation guide
  • Access to all videos
  • 1 companion NFT per release (Mint)

Grow God

Grow God Tier Benefits

  • (Option) Renaming a strain or developing a strain with the cultivator of held NFT.
  • Tour for 5 people at Cultivator facility
  • Sample
  • Merch Package
  • Access to 5 hours of grow consulting
  • 5 pack of seeds starter kit (unique genetics)
  • Grow set-up and at home cultivation guide
  • Access to all videos
  • 1 companion NFT per release (Mint)


Meet The Grow Gods Club Founding Cultivators

Antoine Mordican

Owner of Native Black Farm – Alabama

Native Black Farm is a black-owned, certified hemp-growing farm in Bessemer, Alabama. Under the research of engineer Antoine Mordican, the company has adopted a “measured and managed” strategy to produce organic, sustainably sourced cannabis for a wide variety of needs. Using his signature hydroponics growth method, Antoine meticulously produces the best product money can buy while thoroughly educating his clients on the process from start to finish.

Reginald Stanfield

CEO/Owner of JustinCredible Cultivation – Massachusetts

JustinCredible Cultivation (JCC) focuses on organic derivative ingredients and high-quality growth. This gives our consumers a more home-grown based idea to a commercial grow. Using high quality equipment and the best practices, our grow will shine in the industry. We will grow the brand of JCC by focusing on product quality while using out 3-tier approach to our advantage.

Will Perry

Co-Owner of Magic Hour Cannabis – Oregon

Will Perry, better known as, @Willgrowsit, Co-owner of Magic Hour Cannabis! Growing some of the highest quality cannabis Oregon has to offer, with some of your fav celebs even enjoying his products. Mr. Perry may just be a celebrity grower himself. Extremely thorough in his implementation, Magic Hour Cannabis aims to make their product as clean, if not cleaner than the food we eat. That’s something you’ll smell and taste from the potent terpene profile his flower produces. If you want to see how to break into the West Coast market and look fly doing it, follow this man’s breadcumbs to success.

Bryant Jones

Founder/CEO of CHARCCO – Minnesota

Founder and CEO of the Cannabis Horticulture Agronomy and Researching Consulting Company (CHARCCO) and executive board member of the American chemical society’s subdivision on Cannabis Chemistry (CANN), Mr. Jones was the 2019 international recipient of the Mahmoud ElSholy Award for Excellence in the Cannabis Chemistry Community and made The Cannabis Scientist’s, “Power List 2021- Plant Science Pioneers Ones To Watch”.  Bryant has published a bevy of cannabis focused subject material in Terpenes & Testing and CBD Wellness ranging from homozygosity in seeds to terpene synthesis in the cannabis plant.  He can often be found as a keynote speaker in some of the largest cannabis expos in the country.

Bryant was appointed to the committee responsible for bringing cannabis flower to patients in cooperation with Minnesota’s Dept. of Health and Office of Medical Cannabis. He now serves on the board of directors for Sensible Change Minnesota, an advocacy group which influences policy and safe access to cannabis through the Minnesotan medical cannabis program.

As the Chief of Cultivation for Evokanna, Botera Director of Genetics and Chief of Horticulture for Justincredible Cultivation; he’s gained a level of expertise that most only aspire to. A day in the life of this mad cannabis genius includes chemovar selection, cultivation tech. training, propagation, greenhouse operations, integrated pest management, plant pathogen diagnosis, harvesting and R&D into landrace integration for new novel cultivar development…yea, that’s a mouthful! All my cannabinerds, stand and unite behind our leader.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Where is the best place to ask a question?

The best place to ask a question would be our Discord channel. Discord is the main hub for our community and you can find someone there to answer any question you have about the project, NFTs, the metaverse or anything else.

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique digital asset stored on the blockchain. An NFT can be a piece of digital artwork, a collectible, or even a digital representation of a real-life physical asset. Ownership of an NFT is easily verifiable due to its public listing on the blockchain. The owner of an NFT stores the NFT in their digital wallet.

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is a piece of software that allows you to transfer and store NFTs on the blockchain. You keep it secure with a private key, and only people with access to the private key can access it.

What is an NFT marketplace?

An NFT marketplace allows digital collectors to trade NFTs with other digital collectors. The Next-Gen Integra NFTs can be traded on most NFT marketplaces.

What is the Grow Gods Club NFT collection

A collection of NFTs comprised of multiple seasons, starting with 1,000 NFTs in pre-sale and 10,000 in whitelist and public-sale. The collection’s goal is to create a community around the art of cannabis cultivation by combining the access to dependable information delivered via a NFT with stunning artwork.

How do I get a Grow Gods Club NFT?

Grow Gods Club NFTs will be mintable on this website (www.growgodsclub.com) at a pre-determined date and time. Metamask wallet is required. NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

How much will the Grow Gods Club NFT cost?


PUBLIC SALE: 0.3 ETH each + gas

When can I mint my Grow Gods Club NFT?

Pre-sale TBA

Public Sale: June 19th, 2022 at 00:00AM

How do I claim my NFT Benefits

A form will be made available during Phase III to obtain NFT holder information and provide the redemption of the benefits identified under each tier.

What is the Metaverse?

A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. In futurism and science fiction, it is often described as a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal virtual world that is facilitated by the use of virtual and augmented reality headsets.

Grow Gods Club KeyHolders

The Grow Gods Club Key Holders are the founding members of the GrowGodsClub. They have been with the project supporting it with effort, resources and collaborations. Each Key Holder brings special talent and expertise that they contribute to this growing community of cannabis cultivators. The Key Holders will have critical roles in the support of this project and community.

Arnold Yarde

Jordan Clark 

Antoine Mordican

Chyna Mordican

Reginald Stanfield

Jeremy Green

Dreu Vanhoose

Jackson Cruz

Dionte Barnum

Distribution of Project Funds:



  • 40% Goes to the project
  • 45% goes directly to the Cultivators
  • 10% Goes to a fund that randomly selects a lottery winner of selected start up independently owned legal cannabis cultivation companies
  • 5% goes to the art & dev teams

Grow Gods Club

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